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Lift And Separate  We Like Ya All Tyed Up Wes  I Think I Dropped My Watch. Do You see It?  And Now Commit This Lost Soul To The Depths...

I Don't Know If This Rope Can Handle This !!  Its a Bird , Its A Plane, Its.....Oh Crap !!!  Told Ya So  Watch The Fingers !!!

WOW  I'm Not gonna Fall  WEE !!!  How Did They Talk Me In To This?

May The Lord Be With You My Son.  Happy Holidays  COMRADE Greg Fair  Hi Guys

True Position ???  Lets See..... The Red One Goes..  Img11.jpg (367963 bytes)  Img15.jpg (278158 bytes)

Img20.jpg (305189 bytes)  Img21.jpg (282597 bytes)


Fire Tornado Shot Sequence

Special Thanks to Larry Wagner